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            Be Smart and get Insurance because it is the only thing that can save your spouse in an odd time when you are not with them anymore. If you are the only bread earner of your home and source of monthly income for the Home then your Safety and Health of yours become paramount for your family. So, it becomes critical for you and here in this blog, I will discuss Five important Insurances you must have in your life to safeguard the financial future of your family. Let’s Start with the Topic…….

important insurance you must have
important insurance

With this article, we will discuss some of the most important insurance which everyone must have to financially safeguard their family.

Important Insurances you must have

Life insurance 

            It is the simplest, basic but Important Insurance that will protect you and your family financially against loss of life. It does no matter if you are having any dependents in your family are not, but you must start it as soon as possible. Because if you are delaying the decision to purchase life insurance, you will be paying more amount for the same coverage later.

         Thumb Rule to get insured which everyone must follow Religiously that your Insurance cover must be more than ten times your annual income, and if it is achieved that means you are financially on right track. Also, your insured amount Cover must be decided by looking into account your surviving dependents. Because in case of any mishappening with you, the insurance cover will take care of all the needs of your spouse and they should be financially independent after you.

Any loan outstanding if any, then the same amount must also be added to the coverage cover. There are many Life Insurances available in the market like Term Plans, Whole life policy plans, Money back plans, Endowment Plans, and Unit Linked Plans. But I must say that all are avoidable except Term Plan.

Term Insurance Plan 

Term Insurance is a pure life insurance plan, which is decided for a specific term and you have to pay Premiums on a regular basis to the company let’s say for 30 years or 40 years. So example, if you buy a plan for a cover of 1 Crore, and you pass away before the completion of that specific term then the company will pay your family one Crore.

If you survive throughout the term then the company is not liable to pay you anything. This type of plan is the cheapest and most effective and the premium amount for the same cover keeps on increasing as you delay purchasing the plan. You should buy a Term Insurance plan online, as it removes agent commission costs. So ideally term insurance makes its entry into the most important insurance you must have to safeguard your family.

Health Insurance

It is the second most important insurance you must have with you. Here the company will look after your medical expenses in case of any problem with your health. There are various Health Insurance plans available in the market like Individual plans, Family Floater, Maternity Insurance, Personal Accident Cover plans and many more. Here are some points you must look into before going for Health Insurance:-

health insurance
health insurance

⇒ The total sum insured must be as per the residing location and the Hospital charges around you.

⇒ The plan must have the “Lifetime Renewability” option in it so that you can renew it at the same cost otherwise, as your age increases the cost of the Plan for the same sum insured amount will keep on increasing. this is mandated by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) of India and no company can deny it to you.

⇒ Your policy must have a ‘Top Up” or ‘Restore Limit’ option which simply means that in case of spending on your health treatment goes beyond the sum insured limit then that extra limit can be topped up by paying an additional premium.

⇒ You must check your policy documents for ”Co-Payment” or ”Sub Limit” options and those charges must be minimum. This option simply means that the insurance company specifies a limit for your expenses and any expense beyond it will be borne by you. Sometimes Room Rent, Diagnostics and Doctor fees are common uses as sub-limit. 

⇒ If you have any disease, then you must tell the company honestly prior to taking the Insurance because companies have a ”waiting period” for starting the coverage of pre-existing diseases and which can be from 3 to 5 years. The company has the right to reject your claim within that period for the declared disease. Choose the insurance which has less number of years specified as a waiting period.

⇒ Confirm that Daycare and OPD Expenses must be covered in your health cover because most plan covers only overnight admission into the hospital or a minimum of 24 hours in the hospital. but nowadays many medical surgeries require an admission of fewer than 24 hours so in that case the expense will not be covered by the company.

⇒ Check your policy for any exclusions as the policy documents should contain all the diseases, conditions, medical services that will not be covered by the company.

⇒ Ask about the cost before and after hospitalization.

⇒ Look at the No Claim Bonus procedure in policy, which simply means that if you don’t make a claim in a particular year, the company will reward you in terms of raising cover by the percentage of the coverage.
⇒ Research the company providing cover about its management, Hospital reach, claim settlement ratio and claim settlement time with Third-Party Agreement so that you come to whether its TPA is good or not and its Hospital coverage is large enough or not.

⇒ As it is not feasible for a normal working-class person to do all searches so, MintSecureNow Mediclaim Ratings, you must look for and compare the policy. The Livemint site automatically compares all variables of policy among various companies and you can choose the best among them.

Accidental Insurance and Disability Cover

                        Accident insurance is the fourth but most important insurance type of plan that pays out a lump sum if you met with specific kinds of injury as a result of an accident. So this cover will protect against any Disability which results in your loss of a job or limiting your capacity to earn. You should not go for a ”Short term disability plan” which covers less than 5 years of disability, instead, go for a ”long term plan”. The company pays a lump sum in case of death due to an accident to the nominee or pay a monthly sum in case of disability due to an accident.

Home and Luggage Insurance

              Your home and its associated material are most precious so you must be well insured. You do not have to insure the house for the ”Value of property” which include the cost of land, locality and its construction. You must Insure House for the ”Reconstruction cost” in case of any mishappening. It does not matter whether you are residing in the house or not, so it is another important piece of insurance that you must have in your basket.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

               Nowadays, the government made it mandatory for all vehicle holders to have insurance for their vehicle and it is made mandatory for agencies to complete it at the time of purchase only. But the selection of insurance from subsequent year onward is totally on vehicles holder and he can go for full cover or just Third party cover. It is highly recommended to go for Full Insurance cover every year as it has its own benefits.

⇒ Also, you must opt for the ”Cashless repair” clause so that vehicles get repaired without paying money so that making claims and all be avoided. The insurance sector is under the close watch of IRDAI and all the elated information for Insurance, approved companies in this sector, terms and conditions to follow, etc can be accessed by visiting the official website of IRDAI. Herewith this blog, we discussed the 5 most important insurance which we must have to save the family financially from all the uncertainties.

Final Note: Never mix Insurance with Investment which means never look for returns from Insurance policies.

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